About Gir Cow

Indian Cows has been known by people from long ago owing for their nutritious milk helping us protect from several diseases. Gir Cow is considered a pure Indian Cow and is acknowledged for its unmatched characteristics & quality. The Gir Cow breed is worldwide famous for its milk-producing qualities and heavy build. Other than this, the breed is also known for its tolerance to resist differential tropical diseases & stress conditions.

"A book published by the US Department of Agriculture "

According to THE COW IS A WONDERFUL LABORATORY "Nature is the only cow in all the animals and all milk animals that God has given a 180-foot (2160 in) long intestine, which is not like that in any animal, due to which the cow is whatever He eats and drinks and goes to the end.

Benefits: -

Just as the more gargoyle is applied in the milk extracting machine, the more fat-free butter is produced, that is why cow's milk is best.

Go Vatsalya: -

Gau Mata stays with her child for 18 hours after giving birth and licks it, so she recognizes her child among millions of children, whereas buffalo and jarsi will not recognize their child. The cow does not give milk until she feeds her baby, while buffalo, put the bait in front of the Jersey Holiston and milk the milk. Cruelty among children is increasing because there is no affection in the person who is drinking milk.

Cough: -

The milk that comes out of the cow's breast after giving it to the baby is called Khus, Chaka, Pavas, Keela, it bursts on instant heating. For 15 days after giving the baby, its milk contains more quantity of minerals than protein, less amount of lactose, fat and water. Milk containing milk contains two times the amount of albumen, 12 to 15 times the amount of glovelulin and 6 times the amount of aluminum. Benefits: - There is a lot of mineral in the curry, if you drink black cow's milk (peerage) for one week, the age-old TB ends.

Horn: -

The shape of the horn of a cow is usually like a pyramid, which acts like a powerful antenna to store celestial energy (cosmic energy).

Cow's Kakudda (Dhilla): -

There is a Suryaketu pulse in the cow's Kukudda which prevents ultraviolet rays from the sun, about 10 grams of gold is found in the cow's 40 mana milk, which increases the body's resistance so cow's ghee is light Is yellow in color.

Cow's milk: -

Water inside cow's milk is found to be 87% fat 4%, protein 4%, sugar 5%, and other elements 1 to 2% percent. There are 8 types of protein in cow's milk, 11 types of vitamins, ten times more than the buffalo buffalo called 'carotene' in cow's milk. Most of the nutrients in buffalo's milk are lost, but the cow's milk is safe even on heating.

Cow urine:

Ayurveda is a treasure in cow's urine, it contains 'Carbolic Acid' which is germ-like nasal, cow urine does not spoil as long as it is kept in it. Cow urine contains nitrogen, phosphate, uric acid, potassium, sodium, lactose, sulfur, ammonia, salt-free vitamin, AVCDE, ingam etc. Desi cow dung-urine-mixture produces 'propylene oxide' which is helpful in bringing rain. This mixture produces ethylene oxide gas which is used in operation theaters. Cow urine mainly contains 16 minerals, which increases the body's resistance.

Cow's Body:

Cow's body brings a pure googly-like aroma which purifies and purifies the environment. Janani Janakar feeds, only half a year. Gomata feeds, feeds her life. If the information is good then definitely share it and understand the importance of the glory of the cow .. !!

Why Gir Cow

When the matter of discussion goes on defining the quality and utility of cow breeds, then Gir Cow emerges out as the best cow breed. Here are mentioned a few reasons that will help you decide why choose Gir Cow?

There are several benefits of Gir cow as follows.
  • Gir Cow breed is seen as a highly nutritious milk producing cattle.
  • Docile nature, good temperament and distinctive appearance.
  • It is less expensive as it normally eats green grass, dry fodder, jawar, bajra, etc.
  • Some breeds produce more than 12 calves in their life span.

Importance Of Gir Cow in Day To Day Life?

In our daily life, we require milk and other dairy products. Unmatched qualities, natural beauty, and many other unmatched qualities make GIR Cows the best breed in the world. From high milk production to less complexity in their maintenance, Gir Cows are regarded as a symbol of health, wealth and prosperity. The milk produced by GIR Cows is known for nutritional value, energy, and effectiveness in enhancing physical and mental strength of your family.

Benefits of GIR COW: Milk, Urine, Ghee and Gobar

The Gir Cow ranks top compared to other breeds when it comes to its quality or quality of milk. It is also famous for giving birth to more number of calves in comparison to other breeds. Cow milk produced by Gir Cow not only provides extra strength to your body but also keeps you fit the whole day.

GIR Cow Ghee pure ghee processed using natural methods has so many qualities that help you stay healthy. Some of the benefits are- Controlling the cholesterol level of your body and maintaining body weight. GIR Cow’s urine has been regarded as the best remedy in Ayurveda. Consisting of 16 minerals, the urine is effective to cure a large number of diseases. GIR Cow Dung is used for producing fertilizer that is very helpful in improving the fertility of land and production of the crop.

Said by : Govind Ram Jadam Vishwa Hindu Parishad Goraksha Subordination Department Ajmer Department Goraksha Head
Cancer will never happen:

Desi cow has a big hump on its back! In which there is Suryaketu pulse, which leaves the effect of gold in its milk as soon as it comes in contact with the sun's rays. Due to which the golden elements are absorbed in cow's milk. Drinking desi cow's milk will never cause cancer.

Cow's milk is a repository of qualities, many diseases are cured with this milk, due to which people of India have immense affection and respect for the cow. Today we will know that such unknowable qualities of milk which we had never heard of and the reasons why they are like nectar.

People who drink cow's milk throughout the life are protected from terrible diseases such as cancer. * Continuous consumption of milk increases our immunity so much that no disease comes close. Whether it is a cold cough, heart disease, stomach disease, men's disease or women's disease.

Gold in cow's milk:

Suryaketu pulse is in the backbone of Indian breed cow. When the rays of the sun touch the body of the cow, then the Suryaketu pulse makes gold from the rays of the sun. This is the reason why there is yellowness in cow's milk and butter, cow's milk has toxic elements. Pure gold goes into the body by drinking cow's milk. Due to the protein "casein" in milk, its color is white. The most nutritious ingredients in milk are calcium and vitamin D. Calcium strengthens our bones and teeth and vitamin D helps to absorb calcium.

How to drink milk:

The milk should not be heated for long. Thin people should drink creamy milk and thick people should drink buttermilk. Half a pound of cow's milk is worth more than 250 grams of meat and three eggs because of its special properties. Milk is a complete meal. It contains all kinds of life-saving substances.

Drinking time:

Often people drink milk at night, but the best time to drink milk is in the morning. The correct digestion of milk is done by the heat of the sun. Try to drink milk in the morning instead of at night. And if you want to drink at night also, drink at least three hours before bedtime.

Advantages of Dharan milk

Fresh milk means freshly extracted, filtered, unheated mishri or honey, soaked raisins mixed with water and semen is purified in 40 days. Eye drops, memory increases. Itching, muscle dysfunction, rickets of children, tuberculosis (TB) hysteria, heartburn etc. are useful. These are very beneficial for small children.

Over boiling results in loss of nutrients.

Milk should always be drunk fresh, if it is not possible, then heat the milk and drink it, the milk should not be boiled, * * Boiling excess kills the essential nutrients in the milk. Milk should be drunk by pulsing the milk in reverse, this foam is very beneficial.

Disadvantages of mixing sugar:

Sugar should not be found in milk. The calcium present in milk is destroyed by adding sugar. Milk has a natural sweetness, if you drink milk without sugar for a few days, then you will start to feel the natural sweetness of milk. If you want to mix sweet, then you can soak the flax juice, dry grapes and mix it with water, glucose, sugarcane juice. Milk mixed with bad khand or sugar cane is a semen and a steroid.

Those who do not digest milk:

People who do not digest milk, those people drink a peepal or honey by drinking it, it will not create air. Milk will be digested soon, if milk is bad then eat ginger pieces or ginger powder and raisins together.

In which diseases should not drink milk:

Milk should not be drunk in diseases like cough, asthma, diarrhea, dysentery, stomach pain and indigestion etc. Fresh buttermilk (whey) should be drunk in these diseases. Ghee should also not be taken in these diseases.

If it is called milk in Ayurveda, then it should be considered as milk of Indian cow. * If there is milk of any other organism, then it is specifically told like buffalo milk, goat milk etc.

Many minerals and nutritional elements in milk:

According to scientists, cow milk has 8 types of proteins, 6 types of vitamins, 21 types of amino acids, 11 types of fatty acids, 25 types of mineral elements, 16 types of nitrogen compounds, 4 types of phosphorus compounds, 2 types In addition to sugars, the main minerals are gold, copper, iron, calcium, iodine, fluorine, silicon, etc. Due to the presence of all these elements, cow's milk is an excellent type of chemical (tonic), which reaches into the body and increases the amount of juice, blood, meat, fattening, bone, marrow and semen in proper quantity. It is Pittamak, intelligent and enhances sattvikta. * Not 1 gram of cow's milk increases colostrol. *

Poison also consumes cow

If the cow eats any poisonous substance then its effect is not present in its milk. The cow's body has an amazing ability to digest common poisons. These poisons remain in the flesh hanging down the throat of the desi cow. A research was done in which every day the native cow and the American cow were given little poison in the food, and when their milk was extracted there was no poisonous element found in the milk of the native cow and the same poison was found in the American cow which He was fed. Many diseases have its benefits