About Gir Cow

Indian Cows has been known by people from long ago owing for their nutritious milk helping us protect from several diseases. Gir Cow is considered a pure Indian Cow and is acknowledged for its unmatched characteristics & quality. The Gir Cow breed is worldwide famous for its milk-producing qualities and heavy build. Other than this, the breed is also known for its tolerance to resist differential tropical diseases & stress conditions.

Why Gir Cow

When the matter of discussion goes on defining the quality and utility of cow breeds, then Gir Cow emerges out as the best cow breed. Here are mentioned a few reasons that will help you decide why choose Gir Cow?

There are several benefits of Gir cow as follows.
  • Gir Cow breed is seen as a highly nutritious milk producing cattle.
  • Docile nature, good temperament and distinctive appearance.
  • It is less expensive as it normally eats green grass, dry fodder, jawar, bajra, etc.
  • Some breeds produce more than 12 calves in their life span.

Importance Of Gir Cow in Day To Day Life?

In our daily life, we require milk and other dairy products. Unmatched qualities, natural beauty, and many other unmatched qualities make GIR Cows the best breed in the world. From high milk production to less complexity in their maintenance, Gir Cows are regarded as a symbol of health, wealth and prosperity. The milk produced by GIR Cows is known for nutritional value, energy, and effectiveness in enhancing physical and mental strength of your family.

Benefits of GIR COW: Milk, Urine, Ghee and Gobar

The Gir Cow ranks top compared to other breeds when it comes to its quality or quality of milk. It is also famous for giving birth to more number of calves in comparison to other breeds. Cow milk produced by Gir Cow not only provides extra strength to your body but also keeps you fit the whole day.

GIR Cow Ghee pure ghee processed using natural methods has so many qualities that help you stay healthy. Some of the benefits are- Controlling the cholesterol level of your body and maintaining body weight. GIR Cow’s urine has been regarded as the best remedy in Ayurveda. Consisting of 16 minerals, the urine is effective to cure a large number of diseases. GIR Cow Dung is used for producing fertilizer that is very helpful in improving the fertility of land and production of the crop.