Welcome To Aryaman Gir Gaushala

Aryaman Gir Gaushala is managed by Aryaman Gir Gaushala Trust. The Aryaman Gir Gaushala Trust is formed by individuals who love Gaumata (Cow) and are inspired by the mind to take care of the Gir cows and shelter them.

Meet Our Gir Cows

We have 400 + Gir Cows. Preserving indeginous species of Gir Cows is the major objective for which we make efforts to offer proper care, shelter and maintenance of Gir Cows. We are also perform cow breeding and cow selling functions. We provide natural and hygienic environment to cows to encourage their proper growth.

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Our Cow's Calves

Gir Cow is very popular dairy cattle breed in India. Calves produced by Gir Cow are kept under proper care at our Gaushala premises. They are kept under hygienic conditions. Special privileges are given to calves in order to let them grow in a comfortable environment. Our purpose is to preserve indigenious Gir Cow species.

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Meet Our Heifer

Heifer is a young cow before it has had its first calf. We raise a pure breed of heifer cows for breeding, selling and dairy production. We keep them in a clean and healthy environment to make them nutritional milk yielding animal after their first calf. They’re fed with nutritional feed and natural environment. Our overall objective is to preserve indigenous Gir Cow.

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From Our Family to Yours

We are one of the best places in India to obtain fresh Gir Cow Milk at market leading prices. Our company is ranked among leading Cow Milk's Suppliers. Our aim is to provide premium Gir Cow Milk to all our buyers. Thus, we have healthy cows and an ultramodern facility. Buyers can purchase Gir Cow Milk from us in bulk. We offer Gir Cow Milk and ensure it is unadulterated.

Our Products

Gir Cow Milk

We are one of the best places in India to obtain fresh Gir Cow Milk at market leading prices

Organic Ghee

Gir Cow Organic Ghee from Gir Indigenous breed of India followed by Traditional Vedic hand Churned Method.

Gomutra Ark

Distilled Cow Urine - Go Ark - Gomutra Arka is Matchless Vedic gift for maintaining holistic health and cure various diseases and disorders.

Nasal Drop

Nasal Drop offered by us is found very effective for curing over 90 illness. Daily usage of two drops daily avoids depression, stress, insomnia, paralysis, coma, headache, and so many illnesses.

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Gir Cow Preservation

All Gaushala arrangements are made to encourage indeginous species of Gir Cow.

Milk Production

We deliver both purity and nutrition by supplying high quality milk from Gir Cows.

Gaushala Maintenance

Regular cleanliness of gaushala premises along with proper take care of Gir Cows.

Cow Breeding and Cow Selling

Aimed at conserving and selling pure Gir Breed, we have 400+ pure breed Gir Cows at our Gaushala.

Our Achievement

  • Best Gir Cows Award In Ternetar Fair

  • Best Gir Cows Award In Ternetar Fair

  • State First Award

  • District First Award

  • Town First Award

  • Best Jafrabadi Pado

  • Best Gir Cow award

  • Registration

  • Registration

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